Installing/settin up Nexus repository

Thanks to Dvir Mizrahi for the help and knowledge that were needed to create this post.

First download the tar zip from
if you prefer version 2:

Upload the tar zip to your server.

  1. extract it to /usr/local/ (lets assume the file is called nexus-3.0.1-01-unix.tar.gz).
  2. create symbolic link to it in the /usr/local/bin this is because this folder is in the path and it will make it easier to upgrade (you will only need to change the symbolic link to the new version).
  3. Add the NEXUS_HOME and set to the installation folder. add script to do this in the start up and put the script in /etc/profile.d/
  4. add user nexus with a group nexus
  5. change the ownership of the directory to nexus:nexus
  6. change your use the nexus user and run the nexus



tar xvzf nexus-3.0.1-01-unix.tar.gz -C /usr/local
ln -s /usr/local/nexus-3.0.1-01/bin/nexus /usr/local/bin/nexus
echo -e '#!/bin/bash \nexport NEXUS_HOME=/usr/local/nexus-3.0.1-01\nexport NEXUS=$NEXUS_HOME/bin' > /etc/profile.d/
adduser --no-create-home --user-group nexus
chown -R nexus:nexus nexus-3.0.1-01
su nexuslocal
nexus start


Now you can access your nexus server from the browser.
http:/<server ip/name>:8081/nexus

You should see screen like this:
Now you should log in with: admin/admin123

After you configure you nexus, you should add the nexus server as the main repository to your pom.xml

    <url>http:/<server ip/name>:8081/nexus/content/groups/public/</url>


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