Yarn js Package Manager – part 1

Yarn is a package manager for java Script. It is alternative to npm and bower. It is backward compatible to npm. Yarn has a great cache mechanism, so if dependency is requested more than once, after the first time, it will use cache and wont try to fetch information from the internet. Yarn installation process is … Continue reading Yarn js Package Manager – part 1


HTML meter tag

The meter tag like the progress tag is used to show value of of a maximum value. But unlike the progress tag the meter tag should be used for static values and not dynamic values, for dynamic values we better used the progress tag. The meter tag has the following attributes: value - the represented … Continue reading HTML meter tag

Javascript visibilty api

HTML 5 spec include nice api that allow us to know from the javascript if the page is visible to the user or not. we can also listen to event that is fired every time the visibility state change. The java script event for change in visibility is visibilitychange so we can listen to this event, and when … Continue reading Javascript visibilty api