JOIN command in SQL allow you to retrieve data from more than one table and mix and match them. The structure ┬áis the following: SELECT <alias1>.<column1>, <alilas2>.<column2> FROM <tableName1> AS <alias1> JOIN <table2> AS <alias2> ON <alias1>.<matchingColumn1> = <alias2>.<matchingColumn2>; After the "ON" we put the matching condition that tell the SQL how to match rows … Continue reading SQL SELECT JOIN


MariaDB (and SQL) select command

select command is a SQL standard command, and is used to retrieve information from database tables. If you want to get all rows and columns from specific tables,then it is very simple: SELECT * FROM <tableName>; For example if we want to see all row in the employee table: MariaDB [firstDB]> SELECT * FROM employee; … Continue reading MariaDB (and SQL) select command